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    Protection against RFID Relay Car Crime
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About Us and Our Mission

WeShield is a family owned business, decided to fight against car crimes.

We all hear stories about stolen vehicles stolen from our family members, friends or work peers, but we always think that it will not happen to ourselves.

With hundreds of stolen cars in the UK weekly, we believe that we must do our best in order to protect our vehicles from being stolen. It has happened to our family as well..for this reason we have designed the most Advanced, multifunctional and versatile Faraday bag available on the market.

By purchasing the WeShield products you receive not only the highest quality and versatile Faraday Key bag on the market, but you will also PROTECT YOURSELF from INCREASED CAR INSURANCE in the next 3 to 5 years on the unfortunate event of car theft.Your No Claims Discount (NCD) certificate is at rist to be affected.

How does WeShield Advanced Faraday pouch works?
How thieves are operating by stealing the signal of your key fob, if is not protected by WeShield Advanced Faraday key holder wallet?

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